Introducing IPL Peru: Empowering Civic Engagement and Democracy

Welcome to IPL Peru, a non-profit civil society organization dedicated to raising awareness of citizen rights, promoting democratic participation, and supporting citizen engagement in political and social activities in Peru. We play a crucial role in creating opportunities for citizens to actively contribute to the shaping of the country’s political landscape and development.

About IPL Peru

IPL Peru, or the Instituto Político para la Libertad – Peru, is a dynamic organization committed to fostering civic engagement and advancing democratic values in Peru. Our mission is to empower citizens with the knowledge and tools they need to actively participate in the political and social processes that impact their lives.

We used the Ama-gi cuneiform script as the organization’s symbol.

Our Core Values

  1. Citizen Awareness: We believe in the importance of informed citizens who are aware of their rights and responsibilities in a democratic society.
  2. Democratic Participation: We advocate for and promote active involvement in democratic processes, where citizens’ voices are heard, and their choices shape the future.
  3. Empowering Citizens: We strive to empower citizens with the confidence and resources to engage effectively in political and social activities.

Our Vision

At IPL Peru, we envision a Peru where every citizen is an active participant in the democratic process, where transparency and accountability are upheld, and where collective efforts contribute to the nation’s progress and development.

What We Do

IPL Peru engages in various activities and initiatives to fulfill our mission:

  1. Advocacy: We actively advocate for policies and practices that enhance citizen participation, transparency, and accountability in public administration and governance.
  2. Education and Outreach: We organize seminars, workshops, and educational programs to inform citizens about their rights and responsibilities in a democracy.
  3. Community Building: We foster a community of engaged citizens who share a common commitment to strengthening Peru’s democracy.
  4. Research and Analysis: We conduct research to better understand the challenges and opportunities for citizen engagement in Peru.
  5. Support and Resources: We provide citizens with resources, tools, and support to participate in political and social activities effectively.

Join Us in Shaping Peru’s Future

IPL Peru welcomes individuals and organizations that share our passion for citizen empowerment and democratic values to join us in our mission. Together, we can work towards a Peru where every citizen has the opportunity to contribute to the nation’s development and play an active role in shaping its political landscape.

Explore our website, connect with us on social media, and stay updated on our initiatives and events. Let’s collaborate to create a more vibrant and participatory Peru.

Contact Information

  • Tel: 986473932
  • Email:
  • Apartado Postal 180517 Lima, Perú.